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Focus Issue Topic: Planning, Prisons and Policing

Journal of Planning Education and Research

Despite the significant role of the policing and penal systems in shaping the built environment of cities and the lives of urban residents, they have not been a primary focus of urban planning research. This focus issue of the Journal of Planning Education and Research (JPER) addresses the relationships between planning and prison and policing systems. It asks, what is the relationship between the practice of planning and law enforcement or penal systems?

We seek papers engaging with the following questions:

  1. Built Environment: To what extent does planning set the context in which law enforcement and correctional institutions work? To what extent do logics of security shape the practice of planning and the structure of the built environment?
  2. Community Development: What are the intersections between policing and community development, including issues such as police-community relations and community-based alternatives to the current policing and penal systems?
  3. Economic Development: How does the siting of prisons and the contracting of workers within these institutions affect the economy of the municipalities where they are located? How is planning practice related to the privatization of imprisonment and how does prison privatization affect economic development?
  4. Racial Justice: How is planning implicated in the social and racial inequities that are increasingly apparent in policing and imprisonment in the United States? Can planning play a role in promoting increased justice and equity in law enforcement and corrections?
  5. Re-Entry: What role does planning play in the lives of incarcerated and formally incarcerated people as community members and citizens, including prison education, re-entry, and post-release participation in local social, political, and economic life?

Important Dates

May 1st, 2018: Full-length article submission deadline for double blind peer-review


Paper submissions

We welcome original papers on the theme of planning, policing, and prisons. When preparing your manuscript, please follow the Manuscript Submission Guidelines at

Note that the maximum manuscript length is 8,000 words including figures, tables and references.

Please submit your paper online at: Please state “for focus issue on planning, policing, and prisons” in your cover letter.

Please address correspondence regarding this focus issue to the Guest Editors:
Sheryl-Ann Simpson, Assistant Professor, University of California, Davis,
Justin Steil, Assistant Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
Aditi Mehta, PhD Candidate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,


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