Travel Assistance for Students
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Three Programs for Doctoral Students Attending the Conference

  • Donate: Invite donations for Doctoral Student Travel Assistance;
  • Share:  Create a mechanism for people to express an interest in sharing a hotel room, or sharing benefits of airline reward programs;
  • Volunteer: Invite doctoral students to apply to participate in the expanded conference student volunteer program to earn a conference registration.


Make a Donation for Traveling Doctoral Students

Make Your Donation Today

Donations are invited from anyone to help offset doctoral student travel to the conference! This is a new program and one we hope to continue for future ACSP annual conferences. Donations given this year will be shared with students this year. Use the link found on this page to make a donation specifically for this purpose. Unfortunately donations cannot be combined with payment during the conference registration process. There are many who will be immensely grateful for your contribution!

Criteria for Students
This criteria is similar to what is used to determine ACSP Student Travel Awards.

  1. Evidence of no possibility of institutional funding.
  2. Passed the qualifying/comprehensive exam and have an approved dissertation prospectus.
  3. Nearing completion of the doctoral degree.
  4. Must have submitted an abstract for the ACSP Conference, and subsequently presenting research from the accepted abstract at the conference.
  5. The student must hold a current ACSP Student Membership.
  6. Must be a confirmed student volunteer for the ACSP Conference.
  7. Students must be traveling more than 100 miles to the conference.

Application for Students
Since funds are only to be distributed only to student volunteers, in the student volunteer application process, the student’s advisor will be asked to attest to the first three criteria above. An email from student’s advisor must be received by the same conference volunteer application deadline of August 4. Instructions for the advisor will be provided once the application is submitted.

Distribution to Students
If and when sufficient funds are donated, ACSP will distribute them after the conference to students who meet the criteria above through a reimbursement mechanism. Students need not reapply for this travel assistance as funds will only be distributed to confirmed student volunteers.


Room Sharing or Airline Rewards Sharing

Use this link to a Google Sheet to add your name and see other parties interested in possibly sharing a hotel room or even sharing benefits of an airline reward program. The worksheet is simple: add your information following the sample provided; communicate directly with the other parties; delete your name at any time. Those willing to use their airline award miles to help a student to travel should consult airline rules before adding their name to the worksheet.


Doctoral Student Volunteer Program

Scroll to the very bottom of this page to submit your application.

Do you remember people walking around in the same t-shirt at ACSP conferences over the years, and have you ever wondered how you can get one of those t-shirts? Become a doctoral student volunteer!

ACSP invites member doctoral students who meet the criteria below to apply as a conference volunteer. The conference requires nearly 400 hours of service provided by student volunteers and we anticipate being able to accept at least 50 doctoral students this year!

ACSP will work with students to schedule tasks and assignments around the most important student events/sessions of the conference. Tasks and responsibilities are varied and students will be asked to work up to eight hours to earn a full registration package inclusive of the Thursday opening reception and the awards luncheon on Saturday. We expect to continue this expanded program for future conferences.


  • Applications Due: August 4 – please use the form at the bottom of this page
  • Students Notified of Decisions: August 18
  • Conference Early Bird Registration Deadline: Students who are not accepted in this year's program still have time to register for the early discount.
  • Students assigned roles/tasks: September/October


  1. Evidence of no possibility of institutional funding;
  2. The year the student is in of their doctoral program of study. Advanced doctoral students close to entering the job market will have priority.
  3. Student must have submitted an abstract for the ACSP Conference, and subsequently presenting research from the accepted abstract at the conference.
  4. The student must hold a current ACSP Student Membership.
  5. The student must be able to work for the ACSP for up to eight (8) hours.

Application Information

  1. An email from the student’s advisor must be received by the same application deadline of August 4. The advisor must respond to a few questions in order for the student application to be accepted. Instructions for the advisor will be provided once the application is submitted. Submit the email to
  2. Applying to be a student volunteer before August 4 will indicate your clear interest in attending the conference to the Association.
  3. Once notified of the decision, ACSP staff will assist with inviting you to register using a special promotion code at the payment step for the registration fee waiver. If you wish to purchase interest group event tickets, or mobile tour tickets, these can be paid for at that time.
  4. For anyone not accepted to participate in the volunteer program and still plans to attend the conference, you will be notified with enough time to register for the early bird discount.
  5. Volunteer roles and task descriptions [PDF].

Complete the form below by August 4.

Watch for the confirmation of receipt on this page. If you have trouble submitting this form, please contact


 The submission window for applications is now closed.


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