2017 Chester Rapkin JPER Best Paper
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A Closer Look with Genevieve Giuliano

Chester Rapkin Best Paper Award
(with co-authors Sandip Chakrabarti and Mohja Rhoads)

The Chester Rapkin Award for the Best Paper in the Journal of Planning Education and Research has been awarded annually at the ACSP conference since 1988. This award is generously supported by an endowment at the University of Illinois Foundation in Urbana. Click here to read more about the history of this prestigious award.

The 2017 winning paper is: Using Regional Archived Multimodal Transportation System Data for Policy Analysis: A Case Study of the LA Metro Line. JPER Volume 36, Issue 2, Pages 195-209

“This article masterfully connects academic research with the world of urban planning practice to address real and pressing questions while also contributing to scholarship through methodological innovations and new insights into transit planning impacts.” --Award Selection Committee

The winning authors are Genevieve Giuliano and Sandip Chakrabarti with the University of Southern California and Mohja Rhoads with the South Bay Cities Council of Governments.

Here’s A Closer Look at the one of the authors, Dr. Genevieve Giuliano (co-authors Sandip Chakrabarti and Mohja Rhoads will be profiled individually):

Giuliano is Margaret and John Ferraro Chair in Effective Local Government in the Sol Price School of Public Policy, University of Southern California, and Director of the METRANS joint USC and California State University Long Beach Transportation Center.

Her research areas include relationships between land use and transportation, transportation policy analysis, travel behavior, and information technology applications in transportation. Current research includes examination of relationships between land use and freight flows, spatial analysis of freight activity location, impacts of freight activities on local communities, and applications for transportation system analysis using archived real-time data. She has published over 170 papers.

Professor Giuliano is a past Chair of the Executive Committee of the Transportation Research Board, and of the Council of University Transportation Centers. She has received numerous distinguished scholarship and service awards. She is a former member of the ITS Joint Program Advisory Committee and the National Freight Advisory Committee. She has participated in many TRB policy studies; currently she is serving on the Committee on the Future of the Interstate Highway System.

Q: How did you feel upon accepting the award?
A: Thrilled and honored

Q: Who do you want to thank, if anyone?
A: Sandip and Mohja for all their hard work on the project

Q: What inspires you about the work for which you won your award?
A: Showing how new sources of data can be used to explore urban planning questions

Q: What's next?
A new team of students to explore new questions




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