2018 Jay Chatterjee Distinguished Service Award
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A Closer Look at Charles Connerly, Jay Chatterjee Distinguished Service Award Winner

The Jay Chatterjee Award for Distinguished Leadership to ACSP was established in 1998, to recognize individual faculty whose exceptional service, actions, and leadership have had a lasting and positive impact on ACSP and its member schools.

This award is presented biennially at the ACSP Annual Conference (in even numbered years). 

The 2018 winner of the Jay Chatterjee Distinguished Service Award is Charles "Chuck" Connerly, University of Iowa. Connerly accepted this prestigious award last month at the ACSP Conference in Buffalo, New York.

Connerly's nomination letter included the glowing testimonials of renowned scholars from several universities, including Jay Chatterjee himself.  Here are just a few of the comments that express why Connerly was selected as this year's recipient:

"Connerly has served ACSP in many capacities, including as its President. His contributions have materially made ACSP better; the legacy of these contributions will continue for many years. Chuck has been ready to step forward when planning education has had need, and he has had the vision to use leadership opportunities to push our discipline further toward its ideals." --Bruce Stiftel, Georgia Tech School of City & Regional Planning.

"I worked closely (and continue to work) with Chuck when he was Immediate Past President of ACSP and I was the Vice-President/President Elect. I see many of the same qualities in Chuck’s contributions to ACSP that Jay Chatterjee also brought to ACSP – a humble approach to governance and decision making, a stalwart belief in the power and purpose of planning research and education for social change, and a unique ability to mentor/support and make accessible institutional power to those not at the decision-making
table."  --
Lois Takahashi, USC Price School of Public Policy in Sacramento & ACSP Immediate Past President

"In this service to ACSP as president, Chuck displayed capable, even-tempered, visionary leadership. He had great preparation for that position because of his ACSP committee work, long history with the organization, and JPER editorial experience, and yet he did not want to do what the organization had always been doing, on autopilot. He decided that he would make one of the hallmarks of his presidency support for racial (and gender) diversity." -- June Manning Thomas, The University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture & Urban Planning & ACSP Past President

"Recognizing the tremendous accomplishments and service of past Chatterjee Award winners, not to mention the award’s illustrious namesake, Chuck strikes me as someone cut from precisely the same
cloth. Woven throughout his long and successful career is a continuous thread of servant
leadership. His work within ACSP, in particular, has left our organization stronger and poised for
an even more vital future."
--  Stacey Swearingen White, The University of Kansas School of Public Affairs & Administration

"Chuck followed after me for recording sessions of ACSP past Presidents. I had time to watch his talk. I found his presentation fascinating and convincing. I was impressed with his passionate and genuine advocacy related to “equity” issues. He gave me an impression of a person still deeply engaged in the betterment of our organization and as well as the planning academy in general. I whole-heartedly support Charles Connerly’s nomination for the Award!"  --Jay Chatterjee, University of Cincinnati (Dean Emeritus) & ACSP Past President

The 2018 Jay Chatterjee Award selection committee included Committee Chair Mai Nguyen, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Daniel Hess, University of Buffalo; Sandra Kaufman, Cleveland State University, Barry Nocks, Clemson University; and Deden Rukmana, Alabama A&M University. They had this to say about Connerly:

"Charles E. Connerly’s contributions to the ACSP began earnestly in 1982 and continue through today. Chuck has served as Regional Representative, editor of the Journal of Planning Education and Research (JPER), chair of eight ACSP committees: Institutional Data, Service Recognition, JPER Editor Selection, Chatterjee Award, Faculty Mentoring, PAB Advisory, Nominating & Elections, and Institutional Governance, and has served as Vice President, President, and Past President of the Association.

His contributions to the urban planning field include his outstanding scholarship. He was awarded the ACSP Paul Davidoff Award in 2007 for “The Most Segregated City in America.” This book was also listed on Planetizen’s Top 10 Books in 2006.

Dr. Connerly’s longstanding and consistent service to the profession, ACSP, and the academy are exemplary and inspirational. He is a role model to so many who have had the pleasure to work with him."

Connerly has a long and impressive vitae. He joined the University of Iowa School of Urban and Regional Planning in 2008 as professor and director. Prior to that, he was professor and department chair at the Florida State University Department of Urban and Regional Planning, which he joined in 1981.

His research has been published in top journals, including the Journal of the American Planning Association, the Journal of Planning Education and Research, the Journal of Planning Literature, Housing Studies, the Journal of Urban History, the Journal of Planning History, and Urban Affairs Quarterly. For five years he coedited the Journal of Planning Education and Research and for nine years he co-edited Housing Studies.

His current project is a book, Prairie State Sustainability, which is an assessment (part history, part contemporary analysis) of Iowa's sustainability challenges and responses, and builds on Connerly's work with the community engagement initiative of which he is the founder, the UI Iowa Initiative for Sustainable Communities (http://iisc.uiowa.edu/). In 2015, he received the Michael J. Brody award for faculty service presented by the University of Iowa Faculty Senate and the UI Provost's Office. He received a similar award for community engagement from the Florida Board of Regents in 1998.

Here's "A Closer Look" at our award winner:

Q: How did you feel upon accepting the award? 
A: Very proud to be recognized by my ACSP colleagues.

Q: Who do you want to thank, if anyone?
A: Bruce Stiftel, June Manning Thomas, Lois Takahashi, Stacey Swearingen White, Jay Chatterjee, and the Jay Chatterjee Award Committee.

Q: What inspires you about the work for which you won your award?
A: The talented, committed, and fun-to-be-with colleagues with which I've had the privilege to work.

Q: What's next?
A: Finish my book on sustainability in Iowa and then move onto the next book.



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