Future Annual Conferences
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2020: Toronto, Ontario Canada

November 5-8, 2020 at the Hilton Toronto

Call for Abstracts & Sessions (PDF) - Submissions open February 4, 2020

Local Hosts: Ryerson University, University of Toronto, & York University



2021: Miami, Florida

October 21-24, 2021 at the Hyatt Regency Miami

Local Hosts: Florida Atlantic University, Florida State University,
University of Central Florida, University of Florida, University of
South Florida



Related Organizations' Future Events


  • 2020 Annual Congress, Bristol, United Kingdom: July 7-11, 2020

American Planning Association

  • NPC20: April 25–28, 2020, Houston, Texas
  • NPC21: May 1–4, 2021, Boston, Massachusetts
  • NPC22: April 30–May 3, 2022, San Diego, California
  • NPC23: April 1–4, 2023, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • NPC24: April 13–16, 2024, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • NPC25: March 29–31, 2025, Denver, Colorado

 American Association of Geographers

  • AAG Annual Meeting 2020: April 6-10, 2020, Denver, Colorado

American Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management

  • 2020 Fall Research Conference, November 11-13, Washington, DC
  • 2021 Fall Research Conference, November 10-13, Austin, TX
  • 2022 Fall Research Conference, November 3-5, Washington, DC
  • 2023 Fall Research Conference, November 9-11, Atlanta, GA
  • 2024 Fall Research Conference, November 7-9, Washington, DC

Global Planning Educators Association Network

Urban Affairs Association

  • 50th Annual Conference: April 2-4, 2020, Washington D.C.
  • 51st Annual Conference: April 21-24, 2021, Nashville, Tennessee

What Former ACSP Conference Hosts Have to Say

57th Annual Conference, 2018
"We continue to bask in the positive energy generated by the conference. From the mobile workshops to our force of 50 student volunteers, ACSP2018 provided powerful opportunities for our students (and faculty of course) to participate in the national planning discourse and celebrate who we are and what we do.”
~ Daniel Hess, University at Buffalo


55th Annual Conference, 2015
"We at Penn found hosting the ACSP conference to be a great opportunity to reflect on how our planning program connected to our city, the planning profession, and our partner programs. Finding the right formats to involve local professionals and policy-makers was especially helpful, as was putting together the mobile workshops. ACSP's conference leadership was wonderfully open to all of our suggestions, which gave us the satisfying sense that it was as much our conference as ACSP's."

~ John D. Landis, University of Pennsylvania


47th Annual Conference, 2006
"The Planning Program at the University of Texas at Arlington sees many benefits of hosting the conference, including greater national recognition, plus opportunities to foster collaborations among program faculty, local practitioners, and students in ways that enhance appreciation of the program and local resources. Another key but often overlooked benefit is the exposure and interaction the conference enables between our students and scholars/practitioners from around the country. Unlike faculty, students don’t have many opportunities to attend national or even regional conferences or to personally meet leading figures in the field, outside of their home base. Hosting such a conference provides this kind of opportunity, providing many lasting professional and academic rewards for students.

~ Enid Arvidson, University of Texas at Arlington


42nd Annual Conference, 2000
“Hosting an ACSP conference was a wonderful chance to showcase the work of our students and faculty in the seminar room and on the ground on campus and in our community. It engaged our faculty in the ideas of our discipline in a myriad of new ways and left us with many new connections. We also raised the profile of city planning on our campus.

~ Bruce Stiftel, Georgia Institute of Technology



The Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning promotes education, research, service and outreach in the United States and throughout the world by seeking to:

  • recognize diverse needs and interests in planning;
  • improve and enhance the accreditation process, and;
  • strengthen the role of planning education in colleges and universities through publications, conferences, and community engagement;
  • extend planning beyond the classroom into the world of practice.


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