Code of Conduct
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This Meetings & Conferences Code of Conduct applies to all ACSP (Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning) meeting-related events, including those sponsored by organizations other than ACSP but held in conjunction with ACSP events, in-person at public or private facilities, on-line and in virtual events. ACSP is committed to providing a productive and welcoming environment for all attendees. All attendees, including, but not limited to, attendees, speakers, volunteers, exhibitors/vendors, ACSP staff, service providers, and others involved in the events, are expected to abide by this code, specifically, to uphold the principles of Integrity, Respect and Responsibility:

  • Integrity: acting in an honest and ethical manner;
  • Respect: honoring differences in people, ideas, and opinions; and
  • Responsibility: accepting ownership for one’s own conduct.

Anonymous Reporting Form


ZERO Tolerance

ACSP has zero-tolerance for any form of discrimination or harassment, physical and verbal, by attendees at our meetings and reserves the right to take any action necessary to uphold the principles outlined in this code. ACSP will cooperate with any appropriate authority investigating a reported incident.

In response to repeated and witnessed incidents of unacceptable behavior as listed below, ACSP reserves the right to communicate within the appropriate channels of an attendee’s home institution or organization and also reserves the right to prohibit attendance at any future meeting.



Expected Behavior

  • Treat all attendees with respect and consideration, valuing a diversity of views and opinions.
  • Be considerate, respectful, and collegial.
  • Communicate openly with respect for others, critiquing ideas rather than individuals.
  • Avoid personal attacks directed toward other attendees.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings and of other event attendees. Alert on-premises security personnel and ACSP staff if you notice a dangerous situation or someone clearly in distress.
  • Respect the rules and policies of the meeting venue, hotels, ACSP contracted facility, or any other venue associated with an ACSP event.
  • Audio or visual recording and photographing of another individual’s presentation is permitted unless the presenter requests otherwise.
  • ACSP encourages attendees to follow recommended precautions to prevent transmission of infectious diseases.

Unacceptable Behavior

  • Harassment, sexual harassment, bullying, intimidation, or discrimination in any form.
  • Physical or verbal abuse of any attendee.
  • ACSP prohibits the use of hotel sleeping rooms for any interview or meeting among attendees for purposes relevant to an ACSP event.  ACSP does not offer hotel sleeping rooms as an option for interview rooms and/or meeting space.
  • At most ACSP networking events, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are served. ACSP expects attendees at our events to drink responsibly and reserves the right to deny service to attendees for any reason, and may require an attendee to leave the event.
  • Additional examples of unacceptable behavior include, but are not limited to:
  • disparaging comments related to gender, gender identity or appearance, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, political views or affiliation;
  • threatening or stalking any attendee;
  • disruption of presentations at sessions, in the exhibit hall, or at other events organized by ACSP at the meeting venue, hotels, or other ACSP-contracted facilities.


Reporting Unacceptable Behavior

To Those with Legal Authority

  • To your Employer - Attendees are subject to the policies and procedures of their place of employment. As such, an employer (e.g., university, vendor) is the entity to which an incident should be reported, and that which will perform any future investigation of the incident.
  • To Public Security ACSP asks, under advisement from legal counsel, that anyone experiencing or witnessing behavior such as assault of any kind that constitutes an immediate or serious threat to safety is advised to contact 911 or ask for public security.

To the ACSP (intended for information gathering and on-site peer support when feasible)

  • To ACSP Staff – If you are the subject of unacceptable behavior or have witnessed any such behavior, please notify an ACSP staff member. Notification should be done by contacting an ACSP staff person on site or by emailing your concern to On advisement of legal counsel, ACSP is unable to respond to social media.
  • To an Anonymous Web Form – A form will be available through the conference app and the ACSP web site for reporting issues of concern during the conference. The information submitted to this form is only viewable by the ACSP Executive Committee and ACSP Executive Director.


Anonymous Reporting Form

This form is for anonymous reporting of experiences of harassment specifically at the ACSP Annual Conference and does not ask identifying questions. See Anonymous Reporting Here 


The Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning promotes education, research, service and outreach in the United States and throughout the world by seeking to:

  • recognize diverse needs and interests in planning;
  • improve and enhance the accreditation process, and;
  • strengthen the role of planning education in colleges and universities through publications, conferences, and community engagement;
  • extend planning beyond the classroom into the world of practice.


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