2018 Barclay Gibbs Jones Award
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A Closer Look with Anne Brown
Winner of the Barclay Gibbs Jones Award for Best Dissertation in Planning

Since 1998, the Barclay Gibbs Jones Award has recognized superior scholarship in a doctoral dissertation completed by a student enrolled in an ACSP-member school.

The 2018 winner of the Barclay Gibbs Jones Award for Best Dissertation in Planning is Anne Brown, University of California, Los Angeles.

Anne Brown is currently an Assistant Professor in Planning, Public Policy, and Management at the University of Oregon. Her research, completed while at UCLA, examines the intersection of equity, travel behavior, shared and innovative mobility, and transportation finance. Recent work analyzes how and when people change their travel behavior, the false equivalency between being car-less and car-free, and how parking policy reform can increase the supply of affordable housing. Anne’s dissertation research investigated the planning and equity implications of ridehail services, including Lyft, Uber, and taxis. Anne holds a PhD in Urban Planning and Master of Urban and Regional Planning from UCLA and a BA in Geography from Macalester College. 

The Barclay Gibbs Jones award selection committee had this to say about Anne and her award-winning dissertation, "Ridehail Revolution: Ridehail Travel and Equity in Los Angeles,"

"The committee was especially impressed by Anne's comprehensive and cautious treatment of an important, contemporary, and understudied topic in transportation planning, her deft use of novel data sources, solid grasp of data analysis, and clear and engaging prose. Anne's ability to link the analysis of the original quantitative data she collected with a thorough review of secondary sources and relevant policies was especially impressive. Her research on racial and economic equity in the use of ride-hail services is already making headlines, and we look forward to seeing Anne's contributions to scholarship and policy change in the future."

Here's "A Closer Look" at Anne:

Q: How did you feel when you learned you won?
A: I feel honored to receive the Barclay Gibbs Jones Award and am particularly grateful to all those who made this dissertation possible.

Q: Who do you want to thank, if anyone? 
A: My deepest thanks goes to my committee, who provided unflagging support and valuable feedback: Brian Taylor, Evelyn Blumenberg, Michael Manville, Martin Wachs, and Daniel Sperling. Thanks also to the terrific staff at the UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies and the UCLA students who collected data and provided project support.

Q: What inspired you about this project?
A: Planning has a dark history of discrimination. While this project revealed that discrimination remains rampant in the legacy taxi industry, it presents a hopeful vision of the future in which new technologies and travel modes, combined with policymaking and oversight, can help to create more inclusive and equitable access for all residents and neighborhoods.

Q: What's next?
A: I will continue researching the equity implications of emerging transportation modes, travel behavior, and transportation finance at the University of Oregon School of Planning, Public Policy, and Management.

Anne will be presenting her dissertation at the ACSP Annual Conference, which will be held from October 25-28, in Buffalo, New York.


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