Faculty Award - Rising Scholar
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Nominations Now Closed


Established in 2018, the ACSP Rising Scholar Award recognizes early-career scholars who demonstrate strong potential for a meritorious impact on planning scholarship. The award will be given each year using two alternating categories. The two categories are intended to acknowledge differences in emphasis on research across programs, including time allocated for research and resources available to support research.

For 2020, we will consider applicants from Non-Tier One Research Programs.

Winners will be introduced at the ACSP Annual Conference Faculty Awards Luncheon. Profiles and media announcements of winners and their accomplishments will follow the conference



  • Double-check your school's designation as a tier-one or non-tier-one before submitting your application/nomination.

  • All nominees must be pre-tenure, tenure-track faculty members in an ACSP member program or department.

  • Types of scholarship evaluated include discovery, application, and pedagogy.

  • Criteria for selection include early and identifiable signs of scholarly contribution and impact. The intellectual contribution should demonstrate originality, significance, and rigor, as evaluated by the selection committee. The impact on the larger research/academic/professional community and the general public may be evaluated by evidence of impact on other scholarship (e.g., number of citations); impact on the professional community (e.g., planning practice OR the planning academy); impact on a physical community (city, neighborhood, etc.); or impact on policy (e.g., local, state, or federal).



  • All submissions require the use of the form at the bottom of this page.
  • Submissions must include a letter of nomination, not to exceed two pages, that describes the nominee’s early-career impact on planning scholarship.
  • Nominations must include a PDF curriculum vita.
  • Nominations must include 1-2 letters of support from ACSP faculty members who are familiar with the nominee’s contributions to planning scholarship.
  • One nomination per member school.



  • Chair: Zeenat Kotval-Karamchandani, Michigan State University [R1/2019-2021], kotvalze@msu.edu
  • Austin Troy, University of Colorado Denver, [non-R1/2018-2020],  austin.troy@ucdenver.edu
  • John Gaber, Clemson University [R1/2018-2020], jgaber@clemson.edu
  • Jason Cao, University of Minnesota [R1/2018-2020], Cao@umn.edu
  • Yanmei Li, Florida Atlantic University [non-R1/2018-2020], yli22@fau.edu
  • Xueming (Jimmy) Chen, Virginia Commonwealth University [R1/2019-2021], xchen2@vcu.edu


Award Winners



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