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Activate Your JPER Online Subscription

Wednesday, July 15, 2020  
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The Journal of Planning Education & Research (JPER) is the official journal of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning. The Journal provides a forum for planning educators and scholars, representing both academia and practice, to present results from teaching and research, which advances the profession and improves the planning practice. JPER covers planning theory, planning practice, and planning pedagogy, as well as disciplines drawn upon by planners such as urban geography, welfare economics, interest-group politics, and policy analysis. JPER is published by SAGE Publications in association with the ACSP.

Current members with an active (paid) ACSP membership receive a printed copy of the quarterly Journal, and a 12-month subscription to access to JPER's online content and article archives dating back to the first issue of the first volume published in July of 1981! Membership types that include a JPER subscription are:

  • Capitated Faculty of Full, Affiliate, and Corresponding Member Schools
  • Individual Faculty Members
  • Retired Faculty Members
  • Student Members

To activate your JPER online subscription:

  • Log in to to verify your membership type and look up your ACSP Member ID.
  • Go to the SAGE Journals website
  • If you already have a SAGE account, sign in. If not, register for a new account.
  • Next, activate your ACSP JPER subscription by clicking Society Member.
  • In the drop down menu, select: Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning, Inc.
    Enter your ACSP Member ID.
  • Click “Activate” to complete.

For member subscription information contact:

For non-subscription information about JPER, contact:

For more information about JPER, visit our JPER pages at


The Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning promotes education, research, service and outreach in the United States and throughout the world by seeking to:

  • recognize diverse needs and interests in planning;
  • improve and enhance the accreditation process, and;
  • strengthen the role of planning education in colleges and universities through publications, conferences, and community engagement;
  • extend planning beyond the classroom into the world of practice.


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