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Highlighting the Graduate Student Clinic

Saturday, February 1, 2020  
Posted by: Awais Azhar & Ellie Masoomkah, ACSP Student Reps
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Being a Ph.D. student can be difficult at times. Navigating your way through graduate school and the hassles that come with transitioning into the job market can be frustrating and overwhelming. In order to make these steps easier, ACSP’s student representatives started the Graduate Student Clinic Booth in 2016. A handful of dedicated faculty has generously volunteered time at ACSP’s Graduate Student Clinic Booth each year since its inception in Portland. The booth is back by popular demand in ACSP conferences each fall. The mission of this student initiative is to provide ACSP student body opportunities to meet with faculty outside their home institution and build mentor-mentee relationships that can help them better their career.

The students sign up for a 30-minute slot, during which they will meet with a faculty to review their job application materials and/or discuss job market-related questions. They are paired with their individual mentors prior to meeting at the conference.

While serving as your ACSP student reps, we have tried to continue making the experience for the participants -- whether for the mentees or the mentors -- as rewarding and educational as possible.  We are proud of the positive feedback that we have received.  Here are a few examples:


“I had made a great connection with the mentor. I hope we will stay in touch. Also, I got a lot of advise.”

“I thought the clinic was really useful. My mentor gave me great feedback and was nice to speak with. I would definitely recommend ACSP do it every year. I also like that my mentor was from a different institution- also her interests matched mine (I don't know if that was on purpose or not) so it was great.” 

Overall it was a good experience and I truly appreciate both the mentor and the conference organizer.” 

“Very helpful. Ann provided excellent feedback which improved by application materials.” 

“It was a great experience and really, a no-brainer to participate in. The sign-up worked well, very nice to see who is available at which times.”

"Excellent and very helpful!

“I found the Clinic quite valuable. My mentor had reviewed all my application materials thoroughly and provided insightful feedback. He was also willing to speak more speculatively about the job market and give me good general advice.” 

"It was helpful, great opportunity.” 


“I hope we keep doing it! I loved helping students!” 

“Everything went well. Communication was good. I reviewed the materials beforehand and easily found the students I was asked to mentor. Conversations were good from my perspective. One of the mentees sent me a thank you note as a follow up. The other mentee did not. I was satisfied with the experience and would participate again as needed.”

“I enjoyed my session and think this is a great initiative. I would have been happy to meet more students, so perhaps give students an option to meet two mentors, not just one. I liked that the students shared CVs and other materials before the meeting.” 

“I enjoyed the opportunity to visit with the student with whom I was matched. I thought we had a good conversation, and hope she agreed!” 

“I have participated since this started and think it has operated well each time.”

“The clinic was focused more on career aspirations and getting ready for a job interview. The student seemed well prepared which is always good to see.” 

“I mentored two people and very much enjoyed it! It was a seamless process and didn't take a lot of additional time, but even 30 minutes felt like we could discuss some important questions and offer useful advice.”  

"Excellent and very helpful!  --Mentee

“I greatly appreciate the opportunity to receive important feedback to my CV and suggestions about how to strategize job hunting. I was very much encouraged with the guidance by the mentor.”   --Mentee

If this interests you, be on the look out for sign ups to participate at the 2020 Graduate Student Clinic in Toronto!


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