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ACSP Initiatives Series – Learn about the Nominating & Election Committee

Friday, March 8, 2019  
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As part of our weekly series highlighting ACSP committees and task forces, today we put the spotlight on the Nominating & Elections Committee! 

The charge of the Nominating & Elections Committee includes the following:

  • To encourage planning academicians in a wide range of planning programs to assume leadership roles in the Association
  • To organize and conduct in a timely fashion (and in a well publicized manner) all required and special elections of the Association
  • To endeavor to assure widespread participation therein, especially by racial and ethnic minorities

This Committee will make a good faith effort to nominate at least two candidates for each office in the Association and conduct a mail ballot in advance of the Annual Meeting, for officers and Regional Representatives. In case of a vacancy in the offices of Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer, this Committee will hold an election to fill the term of office, as soon as practical. The chair of this committee is appointed by the president.

Look for this committee to send out a slate of nominees for your vote in the near future.

A complete list of committee members, as well as the charges of every committee and task force can be found at


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