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Develop Your Proposal for a Pre-Organized Session at #ACSP2019

Friday, February 15, 2019  
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The conference committee encourages the grouping of papers in pre-organized sessions that have strong intellectual merit, but reserves the right to realign papers when it has all the proposals. Pre-organized sessions that comprise all faculty from one university or only students will be rejected unless the organizers provide justification for the listed authors.

Please read the instructions for submitting a pre-organized session before attempting to do so in the abstract submission process.

A pre-organized session requires one lead person to work in the abstract submission system before the other authors. This leader creates a session title and completes additional general information fields including the name and email address of the primary author for each of the included papers. Once the session is created, the system will then email the participating authors with a link they can use to submit their own papers. Although we cannot guarantee the discussant will not have a schedule conflict, we recommend this session organizer invite a discussant for the session. Please email a note to conference coordinators so sessions can be tracked for successful submission:

If you submit a pre-organized session with only 3 papers, the session will be scheduled in a 60 minute time slot; a 4 paper session in a 75 minute time slot; and a 5 paper session will be scheduled in a 90 minute time slot. The fact that your session is pre-organized does not preclude track chairs from asking the pre-organized session organizer if additional papers may be added to your session.


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