PhDs Seeking Positions

ACSP publishes PhD vitae as a free service to students attending or recently graduated from a member school, or untenured faculty recently employed by a member school.

Vitae Submission Policy

Deadline to Submit
Vitae for the web page are accepted on an on-going basis. Generally they will be posted to the web within a week of receipt. Please contact if your vitae does not appear on the web within a week.

Date for Vitae Removal
Vitae will be posted for six months, after which they will be removed from the ACSP site. After this time period if you wish to resubmit, we suggest you update your vitae and resend to

Format Options
Vitae for the web must be submitted as an Adobe PDF. This ensures what you send is exactly what gets posted with no accidental formatting errors. Send to

Size Limits
In general, no size limits apply to vitae submissions for the web page.