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Can prospective students find your school?

Your institution and all of your faculty should be included in our on-line searchable database called The Guide to Undergraduate and Graduate Education in Urban and Regional Planning.


How to Be Listed in The Guide

To purchase a listing use the link below. Participating in The Guide is not included with your annual membership dues. This link will take you through the process of paying to participate. Once complete a notification will be delivered to ACSP staff who will then send instructions for you to enhance your school's profile for the public facing searchable database.

List My School in The Guide


Who can be listed in The Guide?

Only ACSP Member schools can be listed in The Guide. Schools offering accredited or non-accredited, undergraduate or graduate degrees in planning, as well as schools offering degrees affiliated with planning are all welcome.


Why should your school be listed in The Guide?

The ACSP is developing a marketing strategy to be implemented on an annual basis reaching out to high school students, enrolled university students and those returning to academia for an advanced degree. ACSP's database includes unlimited photo inclusion and video links as well. Fields of information can be updated from your office on an as-needed basis with annual prompts to make sure your data is kept current. Your faculty can be searched by name and specialty. Prospective students using The Guide are not charged a fee to do so.


Deadlines for participation? No!

First-time member participants can be added at any time. Payment for all participants is required before becoming a searchable listing, but payments after that are annual with invoices delivered automatically with your annual membership dues payment.



Guide Books

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
2014 Guide PDF (20.62 MB) Administration 5/20/2016
2013 Guide PDF (8.5 MB) Administration 5/20/2016
2012 Guide PDF (4.68 MB) Administration 5/20/2016
2011 Guide PDF (4.64 MB) Administration 5/20/2016
2010 Guide PDF (4 MB) Administration 5/20/2016
2009 Guide PDF (3.97 MB) Administration 5/20/2016
2007 Guide PDF (4.26 MB) Administration 5/20/2016


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