Soul City Documentary, building a multiracial racial utopia in 1970s NC
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5/3/2017 at 8:01:04 PM GMT
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Soul City Documentary, building a multiracial racial utopia in 1970s NC

The message below came to my inbox via my ACSP Secretary role, so I thought I'd pass it along to UNIVerse.  Sara Giustini, engagement coordination for the PBS series REEL SOUTH, reached out related to a new documentary called Soul City.  See the trailer here.  The film tells the story of a group of civil rights activists who attempted to build a multiracial utopia - Soul City - in the hear to North Carolina's Klan country during the 1970s.  
Ms. Giustini is interested in connecting with planning faculty and departments to explore potential partnerships.  The film is available for free and she can offer access to online platforms (e.g. OVEE) that allow for interactive viewing and dialogue.  I chatted with her a couple of weeks ago and she was excited about the opportunity to connect with academics in our field.  She had some creative ideas for building engagement around screening the film.  If the film is of interest related to your teaching or research, I encourage you to reach out to her at


The conversation with Sara Giustini also got me thinking about how we might use documentaries and other films in more creative ways in our courses.  While films are ever more accessible online, I wonder if others have used creative platforms along with films in order to stimulate real time conversation among students, with the community, or even across institutions.  It would be great to hear about your approaches.  Thanks!


Carissa Slotterback, Associate Professor
Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota
ACSP Secretary

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