ACSP17 sessions on 'serious games for collaborative planning and stake...'
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4/6/2017 at 7:20:17 PM GMT
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ACSP17 sessions on 'serious games for collaborative planning and stake...'

With the ACSP proposal deadline rapidly approaching, a few of us are putting together proposals for both a roundtable and associated pre-organized paper session on 'Serious games for collaborative planning and stakeholder engagement'. The idea is to examine the various ways in which we are using serious games to engage communities. Issues to be considered will include: If and how serious games are really meeting our objectives; best practices in game design; the barriers to and opportunities associated with their use; the tradeoffs across various approaches to serious game design, including the use of game engines and other technologies; the situations in which games may be more or less appropriate; and what we can learn from their use over time, given that we now have decades of experience. We would like to bring together a group of people using various styles of serious games in a variety of contexts.


If you are interested in joining either/both of these groups or would like to know more, please contact Todd Schenk at

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8/28/2017 at 8:33:42 PM GMT
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People do love to draw on maps. The question would be if that represents serious public engagement, or just placation. Which, offhand, is determined not just by how much public contributions are included, but how those contributions are acknowledged.


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