CFP: ACSP 2017 proposed session on Neighborhood-Based Retail
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3/30/2017 at 6:40:17 PM GMT
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CFP: ACSP 2017 proposed session on Neighborhood-Based Retail

CFP: ACSP 2017 proposed session on Neighborhood-Based Retail


Session organizers: Emily Talen, University of Chicago, and Conrad Kickert, University of Cincinnati


Street-level retailing used to be the life-blood of thriving urban neighborhoods, but neighborhood-based retail, especially with localized ownership (mom and pop stores) struggles to survive. Many factors have led to the demise of street-level retailing, and many of these factors seem to be beyond anyone’s control: car-based consumer culture, online shopping, zoning that encourages segregated land use, corporate ownership and chain stores, and internet-based social contact. This session will consider the death and life of active frontages and neighborhood-based retail, including issues related to the maintenance of active frontages, small businesses, and independent retail ownership. What’s keeping main streets and active retailing from thriving, and what is less controllable (market realities) vs. more controllable (government regulations)? What incentives or financing mechanisms have successfully supported neighborhood-based retailing? We welcome papers that explore the issue of active streets and neighborhood-based retail from a variety of perspectives: urban design, marketing, finance, governance, regulation, and public policy.


Please email Emily Talen ( or Conrad Kickert ( if you would be interested in joining our session.

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