How should ACSP respond to the boycott of US conferences?
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2/1/2017 at 12:27:29 AM GMT
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How should ACSP respond to the boycott of US conferences?

A recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education ( discussed a movement among foreign scholars to boycott academic conferences in the US in response to the Trump Administration's ban on travel from seven majority-Muslim countries.

How should ACSP and host institutions respond to this boycott? The upcoming ACSP conference in Denver, a sanctuary city, will be the organization’s first test. However, the 2018 conference is currently planned for Buffalo, a non-sanctuary city which is a located on an international border that is patrolled by federal authorities and subject to warrant-less searches in spaces like the ACSP conference site (

What assurances should the City of Buffalo and the local host institution provide international travelers with? Given the fluid policy environment, should ACSP consider an alternate site for the 2018 conference?

2/8/2017 at 9:23:16 AM GMT
Good questions. Could somebody from Buffalo inform ACSP about this?


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