regulation example for restricted ATV access
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1/26/2017 at 1:30:55 AM GMT
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regulation example for restricted ATV access
Dear Planners,
I am seeking regulation examples to protect native plants to thrive during a river restoration process, particularly to prevent from ATV and off-road vehicle enthusiasts disturbing the plants on the bare flat earth after invasive plants will be cleared out with bulldozers.

This site is in Kearny, Arizona, a very small rural community (about 2000 residents) that I engaged with students as part of service learning design studio project for their river restoration and recreation plan last Spring. Since they do not have much resources, I simply would like to help as much possible.  

Kearny's Town Council aims to "quickly draft a LAW of some sort that does not cause too much angst among the off-road vehicle enthusiasts but still gives our law enforcement the "teeth" to keep the fragile re-planted areas safe so the plants have time to take root and grow." They are seeking examples or models. 

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks!

Chingwen Cheng, PhD, PLA, LEED AP
Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture, The Design School
Senior Sustainability Scientist, Global Institute of Sustainability
Affiliated Faculty, Urban Climate Research Center
Arizona State University


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