Advertisement: Lecture, Faculty Consultation: Tenure, Career Guidance
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12/19/2016 at 10:30:38 AM GMT
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Advertisement: Lecture, Faculty Consultation: Tenure, Career Guidance

The likely publisher of a second volume of my academic survival manual (title: The Thriving Professor: From Appointment through Retirement, for Faculty, Chairs, Deans, and Provosts,the first volume out since 2011 being The Scholar's Survival Manual) suggested that I offer to give talks about the book at other universities

So,I would be glad to visit your department or school, give a talk or a seminar, and consult privately with individual faculty or doctoral students. This sort of advice and mentoring is valuable for our colleagues at any stage in their career. I have some successful experience in doing this, and it proves effective to have someone who is not in charge to offer such counsel. I've served on our university promotion and tenure committee over the years, and have read maybe 700+ such dossiers, in all fields at all ranks.

I surely do not claim that my own career is exemplary, and often I am thinking: Don't Do What I Did. I have made just about every mistake in the book. 

If you'll cover my expenses, I'd be available for a one-day visit at your convenience.I could even talk to the dean or provost, although I am not sure they want to hear from an outsider.

Martin Krieger

PS I hope this advertisement for myself is ok.


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