Planning in the Midst of Movement: Pedagogy, Practice, Policing, and Place
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11/2/2016 at 11:48:18 AM GMT
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Planning in the Midst of Movement: Pedagogy, Practice, Policing, and Place

The issue of police violence in minority communities has come to the forefront of public discourse in recent years.  There are a number of planning scholars who have been thinking about how the ACSP and planning more broadly might play a useful role in understanding and addressing this issue.  This round table discussion "Planning in the Midst of Movement: Pedagogy, Practice, Policing and Place", will hopefully be the first of many, to help us better understand the interaction between planning and policing in communities.  For those who are interested in attending below are several questions to think about before the session:    

Given our collective expertise on issues related to residential segregation, urban renewal, white flight, etc., which contribute to abusive police policies and practices towards racialized minorities, why don't we, as planning scholars, tackle these wicked problems?

How can planners contribute to criminal justice reform? 
How is criminality or punishment embedded in broader place-based policies?

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