Non-Reviewed Session Invitation

ACSP Committees, Journal Editorial Boards, ACSP Special Interest Groups, and ACSP leadership are entitled to a time slot and space for business meetings during the Annual Conference. We also welcome proposals for social events and substantive sessions - usually roundtables - organized by ACSP special interest groups. If you are not a participant submitting a proposal on behalf of one of the aforementioned groups, you must go through the abstract submission process which begins in January prior to the fall scheduled conference.

Groups proposing should discuss their proposals with appropriate track chairs to assure that the proposals do not replicate ordinary track sessions. Track chairs and their e-mail links can be found at the Conference Leadership Page.

Submit your request for a session by e-mail to as soon as possible. If you don't reserve space for your meeting/event early, we cannot guarantee space availability.

Given space limitations at some hotels, non-reviewed sessions may be restricted to particularly critical or timely events only, but we will make every effort to accommodate one special session per interest group.

What YOU Need to Know

  • A session time slot is a 60 or 90-minute block of time during the conference for your meeting or roundtable.
  • The session will be scheduled during the 7:30a.m. - 5:30p.m. time frame, Thursday through Sunday. You may request a specific time slot; however we can only try to accommodate your request. No promises.
  • There is no abstract submission fee for these "non-reviewed" sessions and meetings.
  • Critical attendees - there will be people who must attend your session as well as others who will just want to attend. Limit your list of critical attendees to four names. We will attempt to work with the schedule to accommodate these four people, however, understand that we may not be able to make the schedule work for all of your critical attendees.
  • Time and space is limited for social events. You will need to clear your event with Donna Dodd, Conference Manager prior to submitting your request.

What WE Need to Know

We require a description of the meeting/event for the conference registration program as well as the final program distributed on-site, but please keep text as brief as possible - the title of the session and three or four sentences. In order to best help you square away all the details, conference staff require more description of the event including:

  • Number of expected attendees
  • Names of up to four critical attendees
  • Audio visual equipment needed and who will pay
  • Requested time slot? 60 minutes or 90 minutes required/preferred?
  • Food and beverage requirements if necessary and who will pay
  • Is this a casual enough meeting that it can be held in a hospitality suite rather than a meeting room?