Promotion and Tenure Guidelines

Selected ACSP member schools have submitted reappointment, promotion and/or tenure guidelines at the request of the ACSP Committee on the Academy and the Profession, Working Group on Promotion and Tenure. These guidelines are posted on these pages for the purpose of general policy making and professional development by planning schools, planning school faculty, administrators, and prospective faculty, not for use in specific personnel decisions. They were current as of Spring 2008, and while some schools may have worked with us to update their postings, others will have become out of date by the time you are reading this. Readers should not assume anything about the currency or legal status of these documents and should consult authorities at the universities involved before making decisions relating to specific schools or specific individuals.

Questions about the ACSP Promotion and Tenure study may be addressed to any of the members of the Working Group: Bruce Stiftel, Georgia Institute of Technology; Timothy Dagodag, California State University, Northridge; Deborah Howe, Temple University; Jerold Kayden, Harvard University; and Forster Ndubisi, Texas A&M University.