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Imagine Home - a journey to define the soul of a community through dignity, resilience and courage.
Imagine living for years in a community that is now slated for complete demolition and rebuilding. You are given a rent voucher and assistance to find a new home, though it may be far away from the neighbors with whom you shared coffee and Christmas ornaments. Imagine what you will do if you are invited to move back, when the new community is built. Knowing it will never be the same as you remember it, will you move back and fight to find the soul of that neighborhood?

Low Income Housing, Digitized Slides -  Ayse Pamuk, Ph.D., Professor of Urban Studies and Planning, School of Public Affairs and Civic Engagement, San Francisco State University, shares her slides from housing fieldwork spanning 20 years (from mid 1980s through mid 2000s). The slides are digitized by San Francisco State University's Academic Technology team. The Digital Information Virtual Archive (DIVA) team digitized more than 500 slides and organized the images by country to be viewed on different mobile devices. The low income housing images are mainly from Trinidad and Tobago (early 1990s), Brazil (late 1990s), and Turkey (early 1990s). There are also images that capture gentrification trends in Baltimore (late 1980s) and San Francisco (early 2000s). The fieldwork results were published in various journals. The SFSU's DIVA collection is eclectic and growing. Urban historians may find something to use in lectures and publications.