Calls for Abstracts and Papers

Call for Papers, "Equity Planning Revisited" special issue, Journal of Planning Education and Research, - The Journal of Planning Education and Research (JPER) seeks submissions for a focus issue on equity planning based on the theme: “Equity Planning Revisited.” Our goal is to spur a meaningful debate about equity planning, equity in planning, and equity planners that leads to a sharper focus on issues of equity in all dimensions of planning. We view equity as an important hinge around which the contemporary debates of smart growth, suburbanization, climate change, sustainability, and other topics can revolve and seek to treat equity planning as a cross-cutting issue rather than a planning agenda by itself. To participate in this focus issue, please submit a detailed abstract (approximately 500 words) by October 15, 2013 to or The deadline for submission of manuscripts to JPER for consideration as part of this symposium is January 15, 2014. Authors will be notified if they have been selected to submit a full manuscript. Manuscripts for this focus issue will be reviewed under the normal JPER review process. Manuscript submissions should be made via JPER’s electronic system ( Review this document for detail.

Call for Proposals, Global Urban Book Series, Ashgate Publishing - The Global Urban Book Series with Ashgate Publishing is now seeking authors and editors for additional books to appear as part of the series. This book series provides cutting edge interdisciplinary research on political, spatial, cultural and economic processes and issues in urban areas across the US and the world, and on the global processes that impact and unite urban areas. The organizing theme of the series is the reality that behavior within and between cities and urban regions must be understood in a larger domestic and international context. An explicitly comparative approach to understanding urban issues and problems allows scholars and students to consider and analyze new ways in which urban areas across different societies and within the same society interact with each other and address a common set of challenges or issues.

The volumes in the Global Urban Studies book series explore urban issues at three levels, i) urban areas individually in the US and abroad, ii) urban areas in comparative context across regions, nationally, and internationally, and iii) how the forces of globalization change urban areas. Each book in the series will focus on a common and/or emerging issue in cities across the globe.

Scholars interested in writing or editing future books in the series should contact series editor, Laura A. Reese, and submit an initial prospectus and a curriculum vita. The preliminary prospectus should be six to ten pages outlining the following:

• Theme or thesis
• Comparative or global focus
• Methodology
• General topics or chapter description
• Time frame for completion

Proposers will be contacted by the series editor to potentially provide a full proposal. Even in the case of competed manuscripts, the submission process should begin with a preliminary proposal.

Contact Information:
Dr. Laura A. Reese, Director Global Urban Studies Program
Michigan State University
447 Berkey Hall
East Lansing, MI 48824

Regional Development Studies, Call for Articles for the Journal of the United Nations Centre for Regional Development, Nagoya, Japan - Are you a researcher in the following aspects of regional development in developing countries: Human Security, Environmental Management, Disaster Management; and Local and Regional Economic Development? We are soliciting articles in English for our Annual internationally -
refereed journal, Regional Development Studies (RDS). Authors should ensure that their manuscripts are original, unpublished works which are not being submitted for publication in other journals or books. Also, authors are responsible for the accuracy of facts and opinions expressed in their various articles. The preferred length of articles is in the range of 6,000 – 8,000 words with a 300 word abstract, together with key words. Articles should be in English with submissions preferably in electronic file form. The journal is black and white, with no color reproduction. Maps and other figures should, as far as possible, be camera ready for printing. Photographed
images cannot be published. To access past publications of RDS Journal, please visit UNCRD Site at Send your Articles to:

Office of the Managing Editor
University of Nairobi, ADD Building, Room 209
P. O. Box. 30197- 00100 GPO
Tel (254-20) 2711574
Nairobi, Kenya

International Journal of Sustainable Land Use and Urban Planning [IJSLUP]
ISSN 1927-8845, published by Science Target Inc., Canada, is a prime multidisciplinary forum for exchanging knowledge on fundamental and applied aspects of land use and urban planning. IJSLUP invites researchers, practitioners, professionals and consultants around the globe to publish high quality, peer-reviewed articles on contemporary and future developments in land use and urban planning. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

Accuracy Issues - Change Dynamics - Diversity and Plant Structure - Economic Value Assessment
Ecosystems - Environmental Assessment - Esthetic Considerations - Forest Connectivity - Geographic Information Systems - Green Roofs - Humans and Structure - Infrastructure Management - Land Cover - Land Management - Land Use Planning - Land Use Resilience - Land Use Systems - Land Use Vulnerability - Landscape - Natural and Human Systems - Original Research Article - Planting - Renewal Legislation - Road Networks - Spatial and Temporal Scales - Strategies of Physical Change - Sustainable Land Use - Sustainable Urban Planning - Transportation Planning - Underground Utilities - Urban Economics - Urbanization - Vegetation

The journal has a distinguished Editorial Board composed of leading researchers from around the world.
Publishing in or reading Science Target journals is currently FREE. Neither authors, nor readers have to pay any charges for a specific period of time. To register with the journal as a reader, reviewer or an author, visit IJSLUP site and click on Register.

Should you have any comments or questions, please contact the editorial office at:

W. A. Eldin
Editorial Office
© Science Target Inc.
24 - 797 Somerset Street West
Ottawa, ON K1R 6R3

Urban Design and Planning- Call for Papers
Urban Design and Planning publishes 5000 word refereed papers and short articles addressing the design and planning of the built environment, emphasizing the interfaces between urban policy, design, construction and management. In order to submit your paper:

The journal covers established and emerging topics associated with urban design and planning, including:
• Planning of new towns and urban extensions
• Design of streets, squares, blocks and quarters
• Metropolitan and regional policy and planning
• Land use regulation, codes and design guidance
• Urban property and regeneration
• Integrated planning of land use, transport and infrastructure
• The 'art of place-making'
• Urban analysis and modelling
• Neighbourhoods and community planning
• Healthy environments, biophilic and ecological planning
• Low carbon development and urban resilience

International Journal of Health Safety and Environment (IJHSE)
The IJHSE is currently accepting manuscript for its double blinded peer review, open access monthly publication. Submission of original articles, expert reviews, case studies, surveys, opinions, commentaries and essays in all fields Ecological Risk Assessment and Management, Economics, social benefit of health, safety, and Environment, Ecosystem protection, Ecosystem protection, restoration and recovery, Emerging Issues in Health, Environment, and Safety, Environment, Health and Safety issues in Disasters management, Environment, Safety, and health legislation and its implications for policy making, Environmental Epidemiology, Environmental Health Risk Assessment and Management, Environmental Heath Impact Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Management of/for Pest and Vector Control, Environmental Policy and Management, Environmental Pollution detection, management/Control Systems and Technologies, Environmental Toxicology (Mutagen, Carcinogen, Teratogen, etc), Food Safety and Hygiene, Hazardous Materials and Toxic Substances Management, Psychological and Social Aspects Of Environmental Health, The Health Implications of a Built Environment, any other issues related to Health, Safety, and Environment etc is welcomed. Please note manuscript should be in Microsoft Word (MS) format. Figures and table should be submitted alongside the main manuscript or attached as supporting documents. Please see our Instruction for Authors. All manuscript(s), inquiry and correspondence should be sent to the email: