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Mobile Tours Are Scheduled for Friday Afternoon

Tickets are available for purchase during the conference registration process. Special Note: For all tours, please wear comfortable footwear and dress in layers. In most years, Denver averages a daily maximum temperature for October that's between 61 and 69 degrees Fahrenheit. The minimum temperature usually falls between 34 and 38 °F. Almanac's annual weather summary predicts October will be cooler than normal, with above-normal precipitation.

River North, Arapahoe Square, & Five Points: Case Studies in Downtown-Edge Neighborhood Revitalization

Explore three downtown-edge neighborhoods that are experiencing intensive growth and investment and the myriad issues that come from such profound change. River North: From industrial grit and railroads to arts and music spaces, microbreweries, super-block apartments, and co-working spaces. Arapahoe Square: From parking lots and homeless shelters to apartment towers and homeless shelters. Five Points: From African American heritage, jazz, and affordable ownership, to TODs, demographic change, and Victorian renovations.

Travel Mode: Charter Bus, Walking, Transit



The South Platte: Challenges & Opportunities for an Urban River Corridor

Explore Denver's most important waterway that cuts through the heart of the city and how the South Platte River corridor is evolving from a polluted dumping-ground to a regional spine of parks and recreational trails while significant infill development and major public infrastructure projects add to the complexity of planning along this important natural resource.

Travel Mode: Bike


The Interstate 70 Central Project: Improved Regional Transportation or (More) Social Injustice?

Are we still widening highways in 2017? The Colorado Department of Transportation seems to think so. Explore the historically underserved and ethnically diverse Globeville, Elyria, and Swansea neighborhoods where the interstate highway widening, National Western Center expansion, and mounting growth pressures have placed the neighborhoods at a crossroads of their future. Hear from the Sierra Club, APA, and others involved in the planning and law suits surrounding this project.

Travel Mode: Charter Bus, Walking 

Photo Credit: Colorado Department of Transportation 


Sun Valley/Mariposa Redevelopments: A Healthy & Holistic Approach to Public Housing Redevelopment

Explore two public housing projects and the possibilities for redeveloping them into mixed-use, mixed-tenure, mixed-income communities focused on creating strong, healthy communities. Mariposa has nearly finished its redevelopment journey, while Sun Valley is just beginning its transformation. See extensive public/private/non-profit collaboration, planning, and investment in action.

Travel Mode: Transit, Walking 


Downtown Denver: History, Culture, & Unprecedented Growth -- The Transformation Continues

The undisputed economic, cultural, and governmental heart of the Rocky Mountain region, Downtown Denver's growth and revitalization seems to have no end in sight. From the beautiful historic Lower Downtown district to the booming Union Station transit district to the skyscrapers of the Central Business District to the museums, iconic architecture and City-Beautiful era parks and monuments of the Civic Center district--explore the city's vibrant core and its many challenges and opportunities.

Travel Mode: Walking 


Downtown Denver's Auraria Higher Education Center: From Historic Neighborhood to Urban Renewal to Urban Campus

The Auraria Higher Education Center is a 150-acre campus on the western edge of Downtown Denver shared by the University of Colorado Denver, Metropolitan State University of Denver, and the Community College of Denver, with over 40,000 students, faculty, and staff combined. Originally an ethnically diverse mixed-use historic neighborhood, the community was removed through urban renewal to build the campus. Today, Auraria is transforming again into a more integrated part of the Downtown community and adding uses like retail, lodging, and housing back into the mix.

Travel Mode: Walking, Bike 


Marijuana & Urban Planning: The Mile High City Perspective

With the voter-approved sale and consumption of recreational marijuana, Denver and Colorado have led the nation in this intriguing social experiment. How has marijuana impacted land use and zoning? What about public health? How is Colorado spending the hundreds millions of dollars in new marijuana tax revenues? How has marijuana launched a warehousing construction and reuse boom and caused industrial gentrification? How are neighborhoods dealing with the impacts of major grow facilities and storefront dispensaries?

Travel Mode: Transit, Walking 



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