Mobile Tours
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Mobile Tours Are Scheduled for Friday Afternoon

Tickets are available for purchase during the conference registration process. Special Note: For all tours, please wear comfortable footwear and dress in layers, including windproof and waterproof.

Detailed Descriptions (PDF)

  • Tour A: Central Eastside Industrial District Redevelopment - The artisanal economy meets working waterfront warehouse district (streetcar and walking tour)
  • Tour B: Portland's Food Cart Revolution - Entrepreneurship opportunity and regulatory challenge (transit and walking tour)
  • Tour C: Portland Bikeways - Overview of innovative bike infrastructure (bicycle-riding tour)
  • Tour D: Lents Grown: EcoDistricts, the Lents Green Ring and the Lents Youth Initiative - Environmental Justice issues and organizing (light rail or bus, then walking)
  • Tour E: Farmland Protection, Local Food Systems, and Changes in Farmland Ownershup: A Focus on Washington County - A focus on patterns and recent trends in land ownership and land use, and implications for local food systems, farmer livelihoods, food justice and ecological stewardship (bus tour)
  • Tour F: Portland Neighborhood Winery and Brewery Tour - Tour and tasting at urban alcohol producing facilities (van tour)
  • Tour G: Bicycle Tour of Wastewater Green Infrastructure - 13 mile, 3-hour tour of stormwater management green infrastructure (bicycle riding tour)
  • Tour H:  Portland's Dynamic Waterfront - history and current development and issues (van or small bus tour)
  • Tour J: Homeless Struggle and Innovations - on-site visit with homeless service providers and tent camps (van tour).
  • Tour K: Public Arts and Arts Spaces - Walking tour of public art around the industrial district of Portland's southeast side (Max and walking)
  • Tour L: How Green Is It? - Walking tour of green buildings with critical questions about how green purported green development is.
  • Tour M: South Waterfront: Transit and Development in Portland's Multi-modal Nexus (mass transit tour)

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