Full Membership for Academic Units
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Full Membership is open to any 501(c)(3) or similar U.S. academic unit that offers a degree or degrees in planning. Full Members, and only Full Members, have a vote in elections and Association business meetings. Only faculty and students affiliated with Full Member schools may hold elective office at the Association level. Each faculty member counted in capitation fees will receive capitation services, including publications and special conference fees (ACSP Bylaws, revised 2014).

Cost: Base Dues of $350 + $50 for each capitated faculty

Capitation - Each Full Member pays base membership dues plus an additional assessment for each faculty with 50% or more time devoted to the Full Member. This assessment is called "capitation". Capitation may also be paid, and services received for faculty with less than 50% time devoted to the Full Member (ACSP Bylaws, revised 2014).

Additional Benefits for Full Members

  • Faculty and students of Full Members are eligible for most ACSP awards, scholarships and prizes. 
  • Full Members are invited to participate in the on-line Guide to Undergraduate and Graduate Education in Urban and Regional Planning. Each capitated faculty of Full Members will be searchable in the on-line Guide database.
  • Full Member schools can post job announcements and other appropriate information to the ACSP website.
  • Capitation payments will provide Full Member faculty with print and on-line annual subscriptions to the Journal of Planning Education and Research.
  • Faculty of Full Member schools are entitled to conference registration discounts.



The Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning promotes education, research, service and outreach in the United States and throughout the world by seeking to:

  • recognize diverse needs and interests in planning;
  • improve and enhance the accreditation process, and;
  • strengthen the role of planning education in colleges and universities through publications, conferences, and community engagement;
  • extend planning beyond the classroom into the world of practice.