Faculty Award - Distinguished Educator
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Deadline: June 1

Awarded in odd-numbered years

The ACSP Distinguished Educator Award is presented in appreciation of significant contributions to the field of planning. The awardee is selected from candidates who are nominated by ACSP members. Nominations must come from members of the faculty of ACSP member schools.

The nominations should include the following: CV and nomination letter from the nominator(s) responding to the specified criteria with supporting letters from at least two persons not within the candidate's own institution. Members of the ACSP Distinguished Educator Award Committee will then choose the awardee from these nominees. Nominees not chosen in their first cycle will be carried forward to the next cycle and considered a second time. Nominators may provide updated materials if they wish.

The criteria for nominations to the ACSP Distinguished Educator Award are:

  • Scholarly Contributions: Publications and presentations, seminal work, research grants, etc.
  • Teaching Excellence: Awards, teaching evaluations, reference of colleagues, and student community, etc.
  • Service: Ranging over twenty years or more; contributions to ACSP, APA, AICP, and other professional and academic organizations; roles in local, state, federal commissions and agencies as policy advisors; contributions to one's university.
  • Significant Contributions: Contributions that have made a significant difference to planning scholarship, education and practice.

Distinguished Educator Award Committee

  • Ed Goetz, Committee Chair, University of Minnesota, egoetz@umn.edu
  • Weiping Wu, Columbia University, weiping.wu@columbia.edu
  • Dan Immergluck, Georgia Institute of Technology, dan.immergluck@design.gatech.edu
  • Hemalata Dandekar, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, hdandeka@calpoly.edu
  • Karen Chapple, University of California, Berkeley, chapple@berkeley.edu
  • Mildred Warner, Cornell University, mew15@cornell.edu

Past Award Winners

The entire history of award winners can be found here at www.acsp.org, PUBLICATIONS AND ARCHIVES then ARCHIVES then AWARDS.




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