Finance and Investment Committee

To determine, administer, and provide oversight on appropriate financial policies and procedures for ACSP and to provide for and oversee the appropriate and timely review thereof.  This Committee shall consist of at least three people, and shall be chaired by the Treasurer of ACSP.

Clinton J. Andrews
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Term: 2011-2015
Voice: 732/932-3822 x721
Barry Nocks
Clemson University
Term: 2009 – 2015
Voice: 864-656-4094
Susan Bradbury
Iowa State University
Term: 2009 – 2015
Voice: 515-294-8958
Ex Officio Members
Donna Dodd, ACSP Bursar
Nancy Harrison, CPA
Bean Team
Voice: 850-521-5852
Brad Schur, Vice President/Senior Financial Advisor
Merrill Lynch Wealth Management