Request for Pre-Proposals to host the ACSP Annual Conference 2016 or 2017

October 7, 2013
TO: Administrators and Faculty, ACSP Member Schools
FROM: June Thomas, ACSP Vice-President/ President-elect
RE: Request for Pre-proposal for hosting ACSP 2016-17

At its November 13-14, 2013, fall meeting, the ACSP Governing Board will need to decide several conference-related matters. We need to gather information about potential future options for the ACSP Governing Board to consider at that meeting.

We ask those of you who might be interesting in hosting an upcoming ACSP annual conference—for either 2016 or 2017—to provide very short pre-proposals for the Governing Board’s consideration this November. See below for typical responsibilities for local hosts. We would like to receive pre-proposals by November 10, 2013, in time for the fall ACSP Governing Board meeting. If the Governing Board approves your pre-proposal for 2016, we would expect full proposals by February 10, in time for the spring ACSP Executive Committee meeting to be held in February or March 2014. It is possible that conference pre-proposals for 2016 will be considered for 2017 instead, with a due date for full proposals suitably delayed; we would inform applicant schools of such a deferral soon after this November’s board meeting.

The annual conference for 2014 will be held in Philadelphia, and the conference for 2015 will be held in Houston; we have held conferences in many different parts of the country over the last few years. Proposals from any region, therefore, are welcome.

Necessary Elements for a Pre-proposal for ACSP Annual Conference 2016 or 2017
ACSP handles the bulk of conference logistics, including negotiations with and selection of hotels, vendors, and reception sites. ACSP also handles all submissions of paper abstracts and management of tracks as well as assignment to meeting rooms. We would provide information about local host responsibilities in more detail at a later stage, should we proceed with this path, but in general these responsibilities include offering suggestions for a conference theme and plenary speaker; recommending potential hotels, reception sites, and mobile workshops; defining and providing guides for local mobile workshops; and providing human resources such as student workers. The list below are the items you need to provide in the pre-proposal:

  1. A statement of commitment (listing faculty, preferably leadership at the relevant programs or schools) to pursue a fuller proposal due February 10, 2014 for 2016 or with a later due date for 2017;
  2. Names of expected (draft) Local Host Committee Chairs or Co-Chairs (note that it is fine to include a lead sponsor institution or Chair and ideas for additional Co-chairs or institutions to be specified later, in the full proposal);
  3. Suggestions for at least two area hotels in the proposed city which are potentially big enough for the conference and necessary meeting rooms (Donna Dodd would later contact the hotels for specific prices, facilities, and availability, so you need not contact the hotels);
  4. A list of potential mobile workshops, five or six at this stage;
  5. Some indication that the university program(s) likely would be able to support the 2016 or 2017 conference, such as with student labor and administrative support.

DUE: November 10, 2013; send to June Thomas at and to Donna Dodd, ACSP Association Manager and Conference Director, at