East China Normal University, Shanghai, China, Multiple tenure-track, open-rank faculty positions beginning 08.15.2013

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The Shanghai Key Laboratory for Urban Ecological Processes and Eco-Restoration (SHUES) at East China Normal University (ECNU), Shanghai, China invite nominations and applications for multiple tenure-track, open-rank faculty positions, beginning August 15th, 2013.

Under a new campus-wide initiative, SHUES has identified urban ecology and urban sustainability as two intertwined areas of strategic emphasis, and adopted a trans-disciplinary approach to urban ecosystem and sustainability research. SHUES views an urban area as a coupled human and natural system (CHANS), and believes that a sustainable future resides in a harmony between human communities and their natural and built environments. Its research, education, and outreach activities focus on “ecology of cities”, as well as “ecology in cities”, with an emphasis on human safety, health, and well-being. To substantiate this strategic re-orientation and re-structuring, SHUES plans to bring in up to 30 faculty members in the next three years. After a successful recruitment of seven faculty members in the last two fiscal years (2011 and 2012), it now invites nominations and applications for multiple tenure-track, open-rank faculty positions starting from next academic semester in the following areas.

1. Urban Ecosystems Modeling and Simulation

SHUES seeks scholars whose expertise in urban ecological modeling focuses on one or several of the following areas: hydrology, climate change, urban heat island effect, urban metabolism, urban systems ecology, urban geology, and urban transportation. Especially welcome are scholars with an interest and expertise in integrated urban ecological models.

2. Wetland Research

We look for scholars who specialize in wetland restoration and conservation, in particular, in an urban setting.

3. Ecological Engineering
SHUES looks for scholars whose expertise in ecological engineering focuses on the solution of urban environmental issues whether using biological or chemical remediation techniques. Of particular interests are the applicants who have combined experiences in using bacterial, fungal and plant systems towards remediation of heavy metals and Pops from soils, water, industrial effluents and other contaminated environments, remediation and reclamation activities for abandoned sites and facilities, salinization treatment, and remediation as well as ecological restoration of coastal area and wetlands.

4. Urban Ecosystems Health and Public Health

SHUES seeks scholars whose expertise in epidemiology, bio-statistics, environmental health, and public health focuses on the intersection of human health and urban ecosystems. Of particular interests are the applicants who have expertise in zoonosis, urban infectious disease, solid waste management, urban land use and public health. Especially welcome are bio-statisticians or spatial epidemiologists who are interested in the spatial and temporal relationships between urban ecological environment and public health issues.

5. Urban Sustainability Planning and Design

SHUES seeks scholars whose expertise in urban ecological planning and land use planning focuses on urban sustainability. Of particular interests are the applicants who have expertise in green infrastructure, low impact development, sustainable landscape planning and design, solid waste management, sustainable transportation planning, growth management, land use and transportation planning and policy along with experiences in GIS applications to planning, including planning support systems. An AICP or ASLA certificate is desirable but not required.

6. Urban Ecosystems Safety

SHUES seeks scholars with expertise in an array of disciplines with a focus on the intersection of urban ecosystems and human safety. Especially welcome are applicants with credentials in urban climatology, civil engineering, environmental engineering, urban ecology, urban geology, urban hydrology and hydro-informatics, coastal zone management, and urban ecological security systems. Of particular interests are candidates who have expertise in land subsidence, urban geological hazards, critical infrastructure protection (CIP), flood prevention, and emergency management.

7. Urban Sociology and Anthropology

SHUES seeks scholars whose expertise in urban sociology and/or urban anthropology focuses on social equity, which is broadly defined, in a rapidly urbanizing environment. Of particular interests are the applicants who have expertise in urbanization, urban poverty, social demography, social and spatial stratification, qualitative and survey methods in sociology and anthropology research.

8. Urban Environmental Economics

SHUES seeks scholars whose expertise in environmental economics or ecological economics focuses on urban and regional environmental issues. Of particular interests are the candidates who have expertise and interests in applying economic principles to the study of regional and national ecological and environmental challenges China faces today as a result of rapid urbanization. The areas of challenges include, but are not limited to, regional water quality, water resources, land resources, farmland preservation, ecological footprint, and ecosystem services. Especially welcome are econometrists, versed in theoretical and methodological approaches and prepared to collaborate with ecological, social, and humanities scholars and professionals.

Basic qualifications include a Ph.D. in a related field by the start date of the appointment; evidence of a high-quality research agenda; a track record of/or potential for excellence in research, scholarship, and teaching; capability of working in a transdisciplinary team; and competence to teach classes in English. SCHOLARS WHOSE NATIVE LANGUAGE IS NOT CHINESE ARE WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED TO APPLY.

Application materials should be submitted electronically in PDF to the attention of Dr. Liang Chen, Chair of the search committee, at lchen@des.ecnu.edu.cn. A complete application package includes a letter of application addressing applicant’s qualifications for the position; a curriculum vita; a statement outlining current and future research and teaching interests; three to five papers (published or in progress); names, affiliations, and email addresses of five referees. The review will begin upon the completion of each applicant’s application package, and continue on a rolling basis until all positions are filled.

The East China Normal University is one of China’s primary national research institutions under the prestigious Project 211 and Project 985 (http://www.ecnu.edu.cn/english/). It offers a competitive compensation and startup package, commensurate with the candidate’s experience and accomplishments.