Imagining Home, which was recently finished, will premiere in the 36th Northwest Film and Video Festival on November 14th.

Imagining Home, a one-hour documentary, traces the transformation of a historic, maligned, and cherished public housing neighborhood in Portland, Oregon into a multi-cultural, mixed-income urban development. Through stories of several displaced and relocated families, the film elicits the soul of a neighborhood, and asks: Can we re-create a community that fosters integration and equity, and in doing so offer a model for the future of our nations cities? Synthesizing image, emotion, and idea, the film encourages audiences to inhabit the lives of characters facing poverty, community upheaval, and multi-cultural integration. The film features Ed Goetz of the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs and Dr. Karen Gibson of Portland State University's Nohad Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning. Imagining Home site: