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Monday, April 2, 2018  
Posted by: Nicole Smith
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Special session to take place at the ACSP 2018 Conference

After Hardin: How Does the Tragedy of the Commons Inform Climate Change Planning?

Hardin published his article in 1968, half a century ago. "The tragedy of the commons" is (one of) the most cited articles in social and political science and environmental policy. Avoiding the tragedies of the commons is one of planners' most prominent tasks -- all the more so in an era of global climate change. Yet Hardin's ideas have been possibly received with too little reflection. At best, Hardin overlooked equity concerns, and social justice is notably absent in his thinking. Property rights assignment - a common approach - ignores questions of coordination from either grassroots or governments. Most importantly, as questions of the commons have expanded to include the climate of the entire globe, what role should planning scholars and practitioners take? We invite proposals to join an ACSP conference panel on this topic at this fall’s meeting in Buffalo, NY. The panel will focus on theoretical approaches to the commons in relation to global climate change.

Proposers should send a short (approximately 300-500 words) abstract to by April 30, 2018. Please indicate “Hardin Session” in the subject line and be sure to let Donna know if you have previously submitted your abstract to ACSP.

If you have questions, contact the organizers for this session: Professor Marlon G. Boarnet (University of Southern California; and Professor Ben Davy (University of Dortmund;


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