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ACSP Faculty Mentoring Committee Seeking Mentors & Mentees!

Monday, March 5, 2018  
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Published research indicates that mentoring seems to perform best when the process provides a network of mentors, rather than relying upon a single mentor. The ACSP Faculty Mentoring Committee’s efforts are meant to help build that network of mentors and to augment, rather than replace, the mentoring provided through a faculty member’s home university.

The ACSP Faculty Mentoring Committee assists faculty members, untenured or tenured, connect with mentors. Mentoring is meant to:

  • Help faculty members develop goals and strategies for their teaching and research,
  • Provide guidance in searching for research funding, 
  • Evaluate and enhance the quality of faculty research, including papers and research proposals;
  • Provide guidance and suggestions in course development,
  • Provide periodic progress reviews,
  • Provide networking opportunities, and
  • Offer advice on service activities, especially within the profession and the community.

The value of a mentor provided through the ACSP Committee is often found in the experience and interests that the mentor and the mentee share. Planning programs are often small with only a single person in each substantive area of planning. As a result, a faculty member in need of mentoring within an area of planning may be unable to connect with a mentor within their home university but may be able to find that mentor through ACSP. The characteristics of the mentor that may appeal to a faculty member in need of a mentor may be outside of an area of teaching or research expertise. Rather, the ideal mentor may possess other characteristics held in common such as dealing with raising multiple children while seeking tenure.

The ACSP Faculty Mentoring Committee has been able to connect many faculty members with mentors. The faculty members and mentors all find the experience rewarding.

If you are interested in participating in this program, would like additional information or have questions, please contact:

Kirk McClure, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair of ACSP Faculty Mentoring Committee
Voice telephone: (785) 864-3888
Electronic mail:


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