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Social Ecology of Sustainability

Friday, February 10, 2017  
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Deadline for Full Papers: 30 April 2017

Journal: URBAN PLANNING (open access)
Title: Social Ecology of Sustainability
Editors: Stephen Wheeler (University of California - Davis, USA), Christina Rosan (Temple University, USA) & Bjoern Hagen (Arizona State University, USA)


Issue Release: September 2017

Information: What has led some places to be more successful than others at implementing sustainability policies and programs? What can be learned from those examples that will help other cities, regions, states, or nations find similar success? This issue of Urban Planning will explore factors that have promoted sustainability success within large and small jurisdictions worldwide. Authors may consider institutional, political, social, cultural, demographic, economic, technological and/or geographical forces leading to successful implementation of policies and programs, and hopefully will communicate to readers how these factors have evolved over time and what other jurisdictions might learn from them.

Each submission should contain the following:

  1. Evidence that the jurisdiction in question has succeeded in moving toward one or more dimensions of sustainability;
  2. Evidence that some factors or constellation of factors has played a role in such success;
  3. A discussion of underlying hypotheses and theory that would explain this causal connection; and
  4. A discussion of how the experience of this jurisdiction might have implications for similar jurisdictions elsewhere.

A variety of research methods may be appropriate for this topic, including case study analysis, comparative case studies, interviews, surveys, and either qualitative or quantitative analysis.

Authors are encouraged to develop specific recommendations on improving the context for sustainability planning in other jurisdictions.

Instructions for Authors: Authors interested in submitting a paper to this issue shall carefully read the Instructions for Authors and submit their full papers through the journal's online submission system by 30 April 2017. Authors are also highly encouraged to send an abstract to for a first assessment of the submission.

Open Access: This journal has an article processing charge to cover its costs, so authors are advised to check with their institutions if funds are available to cover open access publication fees, and if their institutions wish to join Cogitatio’s Membership Program (institutional members enable their authors to publish without having to incur any publication fees). Further information about the journal’s open access charges and institutional members can be found here.


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