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Tuesday, November 22, 2016  
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Dear Fellow Ph.D. Students:

The Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP) invites students from member institutions to apply for the position of student representative on the ACSP Governing Board for the term of Spring 2017 to Spring 2019. Being a student representative is a great way to represent your fellow students while learning about the world of planning academicians.

The role of the Student Representatives are to ensure that the concerns of students are reflected in the discussions and decisions of the ACSP Governing Board. Two Student Representatives serve alternating, two-year terms. In order to be eligible, students must be enrolled in an ACSP member planning program as a student for the entire length of their term. A committee composed of the ACSP President and the current student representatives selects the candidate(s) and the President appoints the new student representative.


  • Maintain outward communications from the ACSP to the student body
  • Represent the interests of doctoral-level planning students and advocate on their behalf
  • Mobilize resources for students and work on their issues of concern
  • Organize the Student Reception at the Annual Conference
  • Organize the Job Market sessions at the Annual Conference
  • Attend two Governing Board meetings and participate in the discussions
  • Work with the ACSP staff to continuously update the ACSP student web pages
  • Connect with other international planning organizations
  • Be committed to understanding the dynamics of urban and regional development, enhancing planning practices, and improving the education of both novice and experienced planners.


  1. Funding to attend two ACSP Governing Board meetings per year
  2. Funding to attend the Association of European Schools of Planning Young Academics conference April 10-13, 2017 in Munich to connect with AESOP student leaders
  3. Networking with leaders in the planning academy
  4. Collaborating with students around the world
  5. Developing a better understanding of the challenges/opportunities facing the academy
  6. Signaling to the field that you are committed to professional service

Governing Board Attendance and Reimbursement Policy:
Student representatives are expected to attend two ACSP Governing Board meetings each year, spring and fall. The fall Governing Board meeting will be held the day before the ACSP Annual Conference (2017 Denver; 2018 Buffalo).

ACSP reimburses each of the Student Reps up to the amount of $2500 each for itemized travel expenses to both Governing Board meetings attended each year in their two-year term to include: two nights lodging including all related taxes, food, airfare, mileage, airport shuttle or cab fare for the spring; and the same for the fall but with five nights lodging because of the length of stay required for the Student Reps’ responsibilities during the conference. Personal expenses such as telephone calls, Internet access or other personal items are not reimbursable expenses. The ACSP provides breakfast and lunch during the board meetings.

ACSP does not reimburse the Student Reps for the cost of registration for the annual conference because it is expected that they will be attending/presenting their work at the conference as active students of planning.

School Support Policy:
Applicants must secure the consent of your department chair in the form of a letter of support on university letterhead.

An official call for nominees for Student Reps will be shared via email and the ACSP Planning News after the conference. The selection and confirmation will be made in January or early February with the first board meeting scheduled for March 9th in Washington DC/Reston, Virginia.

Application materials:

  1. Statement of interest (2 pages max.) stating why you should be selected as the student representative and what you would like to achieve and bring to the ACSP Governing Board as a student representative.
  2. Resume or CV (2 pages max), highlighting any social media experience. Please include your expected graduation date.
  3. Letter of support from department chair.

Please send your application materials as a single PDF attachment in one email, no later than 12:00 midnight EST, December 19, 2016 to with “ACSP STUDENT REP 2017-19 APPLICATION” in the subject line. Questions may be directed to James Wood ( or Aujean Lee (


The selection and confirmation will be made in January.

  • December 19, 2016: Deadline for applications
  • January 17, 2017: New student representative selected
  • March 9, 2017: Spring Governing Board Meeting, Washington DC/Reston, Virginia
  • April 10-13, 2017: AESOP YA Conference, Munich, Germany
  • October 11, 2017: Fall Governing Board Meeting, Denver, Colorado (ACSP Conference)


James Wood (Sp. 2015 - Sp. 2017)
Department of Urban and Regional Planning
Florida State University

C. Aujean Lee (Sp. 2016 – Sp. 2018)
Luskin School of Public Affairs
University of California, Los Angeles


The Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning promotes education, research, service and outreach in the United States and throughout the world by seeking to:

  • recognize diverse needs and interests in planning;
  • improve and enhance the accreditation process, and;
  • strengthen the role of planning education in colleges and universities through publications, conferences, and community engagement;
  • extend planning beyond the classroom into the world of practice.