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Special Issue on "Smart Solutions for Sustainable Cities"

Monday, November 21, 2016  
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Urban Planning
Smart Solutions for Sustainable Cities
Editors: Tom Sanchez (Virginia Tech, USA), Ralph Hall (Virginia Tech, USA) and Nader Afzalan (Redlands University, USA)
Deadline for Abstracts: 28 February 2017
Deadline for Full Papers: 31 March 2017
Issue Release: September 2017

Information: Globally, cities and urban places are adapting to social, economic, technological, and environmental changes. At the same time, we hear terms such as “smart” and “sustainable”, which are popular but amorphous. This is especially the case at the intersection of smart and sustainable urban pursuits. So what does it mean for a city to be “smart” and what does it mean for a city to be “sustainable”? Definitions will likely vary among researchers and among disciplines. This is also likely due to the regional, economic, and demographic context of urban landscapes across the globe. This issue explores smart and sustainable cities to help us understand these concepts, and delve into how particular aspects of future cities will be reflected in new and different settlement patterns. The issue highlights current research and speculates about anticipated changes that will transform urban life.

Topics to be addressed in this issue include, but are not limited to planning paradigms and urban research/technology applications focused on promoting economic, social and environmental well-being related to:

  • Water, energy and other resources’ efficient use
  • Green building and waste management
  • Food systems in urban areas
  • Healthy cities and walkability
  • Environmentally friendly and socially inclusive transportation
  • Economic development
  • Social equity and community resilience

Instructions for Authors: Authors interested in submitting a paper to this issue shall carefully read the Instructions for Authors and submit their full papers through the journal's online submission system by 31 March 2017. Authors are also highly encouraged to send, by 28 February 2017, an abstract to for a first assessment of the submission.

Open Access: This journal has a publication fee for each accepted article, and authors are advised to check with their institutions which funds are available to cover open access publication costs. Further information about the journal's publication fee and institutional memberships can be found here.


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