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Updated Schedule of Presentations

Thursday, September 15, 2016  
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Schedule of Presentations

The updated PDF document can be searched for your presentation using your last name or abstract submission ID number. Remember, your name might be included multiple times if you're presenting a paper or poster, participating on a roundtable, or acting as a discussant.

Scheduling Requests or Necessary Withdrawals
ACSP recognizes only religious holidays as valid reasons for rescheduling. Once the schedule is created and posted, authors who cannot present during their scheduled time must withdraw from the program. Withdrawal of your abstract if necessary requires a simple note to the Association office (

Missing Discussants
Now that the schedule is created and posted, it’s time for ACSP to invite and confirm discussants for sessions. Some are already confirmed but we have much work to do. If you’re interested in acting as a discussant, please submit your information using the Volunteer Here! link just under the link to the PDF document called “Roles of Moderators and Discussants.” We will be confirming and adding discussant names to the schedule document on a regular basis.

Final Papers are Required
Presenters are required to submit a final paper to your session discussant and conference organizers by October 5, 2016. The names of authors that submit by the October 5th deadline and the title of their presentation will be highlighted in the program as having a paper available on request for attendees. Conference attendees use this information to judge the quality of sessions that they are considering attending. Discussants will be instructed not to provide comments on presentations for which final papers were not submitted. Minor modifications to the title of your paper can be requested after it has been accepted. A request to change the title of the paper must be made to Papers are not published but kept on file electronically and shared with peers on request. Instructions for submitting your final paper can be found here.


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