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ACSP Online Forum Now Open!

Friday, September 9, 2016  
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New Online Forum Connects Planning Academic Community

On behalf of the ACSP Executive Committee, we are pleased to offer an invitation to participate in the new ACSP Online Forum.

The productivity and impact of our planning academic community is enhanced by our connectedness and our commitment to sharing our work and perspectives with each other. While we are all connected to multiple communities, we hope that ACSP can offer a vital online forum that engages across planning faculty and students, researchers and practitioners.

Following extensive conversations among ACSP Governing Board and Task Force on Professional Dialogue members, and dialogue online and with many colleagues, we offer a forum that is open to all who are interested. The Forum takes advantage of ACSP’s investment in a new website, yet is open to those who are non-members. The Forum will look and work differently than PLANET and Planners 2040, but will offer important functionalities including an opportunity to sign up for a digest email or immediate notifications of Forum posts, search capabilities, and analytics that will help ACSP learn about our Forum's use and interactions. The ACSP Forum will complement other ACSP website functions and notifications, including the [soon to be available] Blog; Planning News (from our members and beyond) and Career Center for job placements and resume searching.

We envision the Forum as a place for:

  • advancing dialogue,
  • sharing opportunities,
  • inviting feedback,
  • seeking collaborators,
  • and promoting successes that relate to the range of issues and challenges facing urban and regional planning education and research.

We hope that the Forum facilitates critical conversations that keep us engaged with each other and our local to global communities.

To access the Forum, log in to your ACSP account and use the Engage & Connect Menu and then down to Community Forum. Step-by-step instructions can be found at the Forum page!

Share this article with others who might be interested in joining the Forum. If you do not yet have an account at, click here!


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