Change of Address & Institutional Updates

Institutional Updates

Institution members pay base dues, then add to this the number of "capitated" faculty at $50 each. Capitated faculty are "full-time" faculty at your institution. Full Member schools are required to show all faculty who devote 50% or more time to the planning unit as "Capitated Faculty", but may show additional faculty as capitated if they wish. Non-capitated faculty may be included on the roster and will be added to the member listserve for regular informational updates. The number of capitated faculty listed in the ACSP database is updated annually. The existing faculty list is provided to the department along with an invoice. The department edits the list of faculty if necessary and adjusts the invoice as appropriate. Changes to your faculty roster can be made at any time during the year by sending a note to The department may request new faculty receive back issues of JPER and an invoice will be sent to the department.

If you are a faculty member at an ACSP member school and are not receiving JPER or information from ACSP, contact your department chair about including you on their list of participating faculty. ACSP must receive your name via your department administration.

Mailing Address Changes

Send changes of mailing address and email address to Donna Dodd at

Or mail a note to:
Donna Dodd
Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning
6311 Mallard Trace Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32312 U.S.A.

Phone: 850-385-2054
Fax: 850-385-2084