FWIG Awards

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Margarita McCoy Award for the Advancement of Women in Planning

The Margarita McCoy Award was named to honor a pioneer planning educator known for her unflagging commitment to the advancement of women in the profession. Today Professor Emerita at Cal Poly Pomona, Margarita was one of the one of the first women in a tenure-track position in planning and the first female full professor of Planning in the US. She was very involved in ACSP, serving as ACSP Secretary in the organization’s formative years.

FWIG established the McCoy award to honor ACSP women who follow the model set by Professor McCoy--those whose teaching, research, or service helps advance women in the planning academy by creating a positive climate for women students and faculty, encouraging greater participation by women in ACSP, mentoring and supporting junior women faculty, and/or providing leadership in overcoming barriers faced by women in a variety of academic arena.

Winners: http://www.acsp.org/awards/history

Marcia M. Feld Leadership Award

Recognizes a FWIG colleague for outstanding leadership within the ACSP organization.


Winners: http://www.acsp.org/awards/history

Marsha Ritzdorf Award for the Best Student Work on Diversity, Social Justice and the Role of Women in Planning

Recognizes superior scholarship reflecting concern with making communities better for women, people of color and/or the disadvantaged.

Winners: http://www.acsp.org/awards/history