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Science Tour "Research in Germany" 2016 City of the Future - Research for Sustainable Urban Development
31 January – 6 February 2016

Call for Applications
Are you an international scientist involved in and curious about the future of urban development and so called smart cities?
Discover more about research into cities of the future by taking a tour of cutting-edge research facilities here in Germany. 
The tour, organised by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), will be held in English and will provide a unique insight into innovative research activities in German universities, research institutes and industry.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Exchange ideas with German scientists
  • Broaden your academic network
  • Discuss future collaboration projects in urban transition, mobility and infrastructure.

Who may apply?
The tour is open to researchers engaged in sustainable urban development in the following disciplines:

  • Infrastructure and traffic technologies
  • Urban studies and logistics
  • Sanitary environmental engineering,
  • Geography
  • Renewable energy technologies.

You should:

  • Hold a doctoral degree (degree awarded before 30 Sept 2013)
  • Be affiliated to a non-German university/research institute
  • Have a strong research background
  • Be able to initiate and manage major projects in cutting-edge research or educational cooperation.

The programm includes visits to universities, such as the RWTH Aachen, to non-university research institutions, including the world renowned Fraunhofer Association and companies engaged in research.

Benefits for you

  • Learn more about funding opportunities for cooperation in higher education and research
  • Gain a thorough insight into the German research landscape.
  • Increase your knowledge in the area of sustainable urban development
  • Network with German scientists in universities, research institutes and industry
  • Collaborate across cultures and disciplines

Representatives of the DAAD will accompany the tour during your stay and provide support in the follow-up period.
How to apply
Apply online at https://ssl.daad.de/limesurvey/227523/lang-en
Please note that the deadline for applications is 25th September 2015.
A selection committee will review your application and we will let you know the result at the end of November 2015.
Costs: All programme-related costs in Germany (accommodation, travel, most meals) will be paid by the DAAD. However, please be aware that participants are responsible for covering their own international travel expenses.
About "Research in Germany"
The "Science Tour" is part of the "Research in Germany" campaign funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). One goal of the campaign is to strengthen and expand R&D collaboration between Germany and international partners. "City of the Future - Research for Sustainable Urban Development" was chosen as an area to focus on at the event the German Science Year 2015 "City of the Future".
Contact: If you have any questions, Ms. Sina Bremer (sciencetour@daad.de) or the DAAD officer in your country will be happy to help you.

2016 World Planning Schools Congress, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
July 3 - 8, 2016

The initiative to organize World Planning School Congresses came up with the formation of a global network by national and regional associations of planning schools and institutes around the world in 2001. Since then this network, the GLOBAL PLANNING EDUCATION NETWORK - GPEAN assigns the organization of each World Congress to one or more schools of one of its members. In five and five years, this event aims to bring together scholars and professionals from all continents to present experiences, discuss proposals and critical analysis and encourage a debate on the current planning problems in different parts of the world.

In 2016, the IV WPSC will be held in Rio de Janeiro. As responsible for this edition of WPSC, the GPEAN designated the Institute of Urban and Regional Research and Planning - IPPUR – at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ -, a member of the Brazilian Association of Research and Graduate Studies in Urban and Regional Planning – ANPUR with the collaboration of colleagues of the Graduate Programs in Geography of the Federal Universities Fluminense and Minas Gerais (UFF and UFMG), of the UFRJ Graduate Program in Urbanism and of the UFMG Centre of Regional Development and Planning (CEDEPLAR).

A GPEAN Steering Committee composed of three members from three different continents accompanies, guides and supports the work of the Local Organization Commission.
Final date for submission: 10/05/2015