Karen R. Polenske Best Student Paper Award for Outstanding Paper on a China Planning Related Topic

Deadline: June 15, 2014

The 2013 award was announced at the ACSP Administrator's Conference, November 14-17, but will be presented in the Fall of 2014. The winner will also be asked to present the paper at the Fall 2014 Annual Conference.

This award, established in honor of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor Karen R. Polenske - a prominent regional economist and a leading scholar of China's sustainable development - is awarded annually to International Association for China Planning (IACP) student members who present excellent research at major international planning conferences. Currently the IACP presents one Polenske award at their annual conference in China and one Polenske award at their annual membership meeting in the United States during the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP) conference.

To be nominated for this year’s ACSP Karen R. Polenske Best Student Paper Award, author must:

  1. be a current IACP student member;
  2. be either the sole author or the lead author of a paper that has been submitted for presentation at the ACSP 54th Annual Conference in Philadelphia of 2014; and
  3. be able to attend and present the paper at the ACSP 54th Annual Conference in Philadephia of 2014.

The full paper, along with one recommendation letter from either a faculty member or program administrator, must be emailed to Committee Chair, Dr. Qisheng Pan, at pan_qs@tsu.edu, by June 15, 2014.

The award committee will evaluate the full papers submitted based on their innovative scholarship and insight that advance the understanding of China-related planning topics, including but not limited to urbanization, urban economics, housing and community development, environmental planning, land use policy, transportation planning, urban design, analytical methods for urban studies, regional development issues. The full paper submitted should have excellent organization, structure, style, clarity, and originality. The winner will be selected from papers accepted for presentation at the ACSP Annaul Conference.

The winner of this competition will receive $ 1,000 USD to defray portions of her/his expenses for conference travel. In the case of two winners, the two winners will share the $1,000 USD prize.

The Karen R. Polenske Best Student Paper Award has been made possible by generous donations given by several distinguished individuals who are mostly Professor Polenske's former students.

The committee is established by IACP with consideration of the ACSP President and updated by both.

Qisheng Pan, Chair
Term: 2013-2015
Texas Southern University

Jason Cao
Term: 2013-2015
University of Minnesota

Weifeng Li
Term: 2013-2015
University of Hong Kong

Mengke Chen
Term: 2013-2015
University of Pennsylvania