Donna Dodd
Association Manager & Conference Director
Cathy Neal
Assistant to the President/Membership Manager 
Mary Beth Buchanan
Administrative Assistant
Nicole Smith
Marketing & Promotions Manager

Laura Ervin
Conference Assistant
Glenda Fisher
Conference Assistant

6311 Mallard Trace, Tallahassee, FL 32312 U.S.A.
Phone: 850-385-2054
Fax: 850-385-2084


  • Maintain facilities and services of the Association Office.
  • Act as the President's Office responding to the needs of the current ACSP President and President-Elect.
  • Attend Executive Committee and Governing Board meetings as necessary.
  • Maintain the records of the ACSP membership databases.
  • Provide the appropriate lists for JPER distribution; manage on-line access data to JPER.
  • Assist in keeping information on the Association web site current.
  • Maintain Association event history; submit as appropriate all Association documentation to the ACSP Archives 
  • All annual conference related management.
  • All financial administration working in conjunction with the ACSP Treasurer and the contracted CPA.
  • Publication of the Guide; publicity of the Guide
  • Publication of Choosing a Career in Urban Planning; distribution of brochures, awareness
  • Administrator's Conference - hotel contract negotiation and follow through, conference registration, budgeting and final reporting assistance.
  • List serve management – membership engagement and communications.
  • Award Committee Assistance
  • Governing Board meeting logistics management
  • Maintain all rosters, i.e. governing board, committees and award committees.
  • Assist the president in regularly updating the Governing Board Orientation Manual, ACSP Policy Manual as necessary.
  • Liaison to the Association's CPA and all service contractors.