Committee on Diversity

The purpose of the Committee on Diversity is to carry on the work of the Diversity Task Force by working with and encouraging planning schools to develop specific programs and incentives for increasing faculty and student diversity as well as expanding diversity in the curriculum. Included in the charge of this committee would be:

  1. to continue to assist programs in efforts to enhance faculty and student diversity;
  2. to assist programs in including diversity-related issues in curricular offerings;
  3. to provide reports back to the Governing Board in the fall of even- numbered years on the composition of faculty and students related to issues of diversity (using PAB and other data collected by outside entities); and
  4. to conduct other activities that could enhance ACSP's commitment to diversity in education and research.


Committee Members 2013-2015

Sid Sen, Chair
Morgan State University

Ann Forsyth
Harvard University

Marisa Zapata
Portland State University

Jeffrey Lowe (POCIG Liaison)
Texas Southern University

Gerardo Sandoval
University of Oregon

Hazel Edwards
The Catholic University of America